One of these days I’ll try to describe what I’m “about” – no big deal – as with most people, I’m a study in contradictions.  There’s some silly stuff here, of course; without that this wouldn’t be complete.   Still, there’s some serious stuff too – I have strong opinions on certain topics; more of those will be covered among the blog pages.  Songs make up most of the contents, though; one way or another — whether in quartets or in other performances — there’s always been that major preoccupation with me.

Some of those songs were from very old recordings of the Stereophonics, a quartet with yours-truly on bass and a great lead named Ted Hicks – Ted was already a man (and one hell of a man) while the rest of us were still kids, and he had a great voice – both lead and baritone.  Other members who sang in that quartet for years (but not for the full duration) were Bill Norris (tenor), Wilson Pritchett (baritone), Bob Disney (baritone), Joe Pollio (Lead), and Clyde Taber (tenor).  Joe and Clyde are in the last quartet picture with Ted & myself.  For the recordings included here, Ted and I were in an earlier quartet combination, with Bill Norris and Bob Disney, before Joe and Clyde sang in the quartet; ironically, we went further in competition with Joe and Clyde but we never got around to making new recordings.