“The timing was unfortunate” huh? How about this way of saying it: Everything about the raid in Mississippi was an outrageous national disgrace. What state is next? Will every state have surprise raids soon? What will raiders look for after that? Do we really believe that our adversaries are the ones being targeted, not some maniacs flying airplanes into towers? If we choose enemies so arbitrarily, then will the Statue of Liberty’ plaque be revised or deleted?

Millions, including some of my friends, strongly believe I’m exactly wrong. Many of them cite other priorities e.g., we should take care of our veterans. My mid-2010 post clearly says that section of their reasoning is right but that doesn’t exclude anyone else; this isn’t either/or. I don’t advocate the other extreme (budget everything until we go bankrupt) either; there are (or at least were) ways to budget responsibly.

So let’s try for a responsible reaction:
* Examine your mind about this latest raid and see whether you or I (due to accidental fortune to be born in the U.S.) seem superior to those detained
* If so, recall the classic example of “superiority” of nationality or race: Hitler led his country to ruin, then killed himself
* Try to remember when the U.S. was the country of the Marshall Plan
* Try to see the Mississippi raid through the eyes of a little kid who might never see his or her family again, for no reason that makes any sense.

Normally I’m proud of my country. Not this time.

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