Before coming to Maryland I was in the greater Los Angeles area.  For a few months in 1959 (until the regular 4th returned from grad school), I was privileged to sing with a professional, Burt Mustin, in the “Pas-du-Notes” quartet (San Fernando). Memorable songs he led included “All-you-et” + “That fatal glass of beer” + “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” — Burt was a great showman. With tenor Jim Lafferty, bass Rang Hansen, and myself (about to enroll at UCLA then) I was glad to fill in temporarily for their regular fourth.

After that great experience I later switched to bass.  Most of my quartet activity was with the Stereophonics. The original combination of voices made up most of the recordings included below.

Lorabell Lee (Pitch Hikers’ arrangement) has always been one of my favorite quartet songs.
Cruisin’ down the river was arranged by Morris Rector.
Home when shadows fall: arrangement – if memory serves me right – by Val Hicks.
Nobody’s sweetheart was 90+% copied from the Sun Tones arrangement.
One Alone (from Desert Song) was arranged by Bill Norris (tenor on this recording).
So was
How can you buy Killarney.
Bob Disney (baritone on this recording) composed and arranged
Baby I need your love.
A masterpiece Confederates‘ Arrangement:
A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (shortened here) 
Little Pal arrangement was copied from the Four Rascals.
Ma, she’s makin’ eyes at me goes so far back that I didn’t trace it.
The same is true of
I lost the best pal that I had and Uncle Joe.
Oceana Roll was made famous by the Play-Tonics (we copied from them, too).
Old sweetheart of mine was given to us by Int’l Champ Fred King, a King in more ways than one.
I first got the
Trolley Song arrangement from the National office (then in Kenosha).
The theme from
Exodus was also arranged by Bill Norris (tenor on this recording).

The chorus sang County Fair, Hard-hearted Hannah, Long Dusty Road, and Just for Remembrance.