The only song lyrics I ever wrote

You can tell I wasn’t in a serious mood when I wrote these words.


About those bankers’ bonuses – Reaction from the street (no, not Wall St; Laredo)

As I ventured out on the streets of Manhattan
As I wandered all around Wall Street one night
I spied a rich banker all decked out in satin
All wrapped in green dollars that weren’t his, by right
“I sense from the stench that you’re filthy with money”
I snarled as he strutted and swaggered on by
“Don’t take it so hard.” he scoffed, really, it’s funny;
I’ll show you how easy it is if you lie”
“First tell me” I said, “what’s that under your bandage,”
“Does conscience rebel from retirees robbed clean?”
“No, widows and orphans provide my advantage;
Those losers have paid for my gold limousine”
The momemt he said that, the sky just exploded
A warning he couldn’t ignore was at hand.
Defiant as ever, he sneered “Hey, I’m loaded,”
“For my last procession here’s what I demand:”
“Get six wealthy bankers to praise me forever
Let six glass seagulls extinguish my flame”
Then, proud as a prince, he proclaimed to the weather
“I die with a fortune, so I win the game!”
Well I’ll give him that, there’s a lot in his pail
He fattened himself through astute escapades
Whether con game or card game, rewards were his grail
His last game was Hearts; his reward – Queen of spades.
EPITAPH (change-of-pace):
Another tycoon counting debts
saw that this is as bad as it gets
So, breaking the chains from his ill-gotten gains
he’ll divest to paralyzed vets.